Our Mission:

To help small wholesale distributors & manufacturers sell more.

A Better Way

At Venta360, we believe there is a better way to sell. A more efficient way to  reach your resellers & end users, which embraces the latest web technologies, marketing best practices, & automation. 

We’re excited to simplify B2B eCommerce for small businesses that want to sell or grow online through our software, education and support.

Our Motto:

When You Win We Win

Our best marketing strategy has been to keep our customers happy. 

We understand that when your business grows, you will need more services from us.  Therefore, we have a passion to help your business succeed because when you win, we win too!

The Venta360 Story

Venta360 founder Diego Reyes worked on his first eCommerce project in 2001.  

Since that time, he has helped launch over 100 eCommerce stores & online businesses, making him one of the most experienced eCommerce experts in the industry. 

Based on this early start, Diego launched www.esalestraffic.com in 2006, one of the first internet marketing agencies in Toronto and www.odegiecommerce.com in 2008 a boutique eCommerce agency specializing in B2C eCommerce.

Through the ensuing years, Diego began working with more distributor wholesalers & manufacturers that wanted to sell online. Having worked with multiple B2B & B2C eCommerce software vendors Diego came to the realization of how expensive, confusing and difficult it was for his clients to launch a successful wholesale B2B ecommerce business.

Recognizing these challenges, Diego & his team designed an affordable & effective B2B eCommerce solution created specifically for the needs of small wholesale distributors & manufacturers. He realized that the system had to combine the simplicity of a consumer eStore with the advanced options needed to support complex wholesale purchasing processes. The result was Venta360. The B2B eCommerce solution built by the eCommerce experts of Odegi.