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Still taking orders by fax, phone or email?

Asking your customers to fill out paperwork and then fax/email in those orders requires a lot of interaction from your team & unnecessary administrative work. There is a better way.

Eliminate manual & time consuming tasks. 
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Losing customers &
market share?

Your wholesale customers now expect you to have the same easy & efficient ordering process they are accustomed to when purchasing from their favorite online retailer. Failure to meet those expectations can quickly drive away customers.

“71 percent of B2B buyers would switch suppliers if the overall digital experience was better with another organization”. Accenture Study

Make buying easier, quicker & stress free. 
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Want to increase your revenue?

B2B eCommerce provides new opportunities for your business to sell to end-users & distributors.  According to a recent McKinsey & Company study B2B digital leaders see 5x more revenue growth than their peers. 

Increase revenue with Venta360.  
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B2B eCommerce Solution

Venta360 is a leading B2B eCommerce Solution built to help growing distributors & manufacturers launch a professional, user friendly & high converting online store. Our B2B eCommerce platform allows your company to market its products directly through your eCommerce website or a private sales portal.

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